Ending my 3rd Vegan day : already enjoying carrot juice !

Previously ( and I mean some days before ), coming back home after a long day of work enduring some hot temperatures, I would have enjoyed to drink a lot of Cola Zero ! It would have been such a pleasure, even knowing it couldn’t be that good for my health. I was pretty sure it was impossible to replace it by carrot juice…

And indeed … this evening I took one cold carrot juice and it was delightful ! And I took a second glass of it ! πŸ™‚ Close to be as good as a cola zero ! I would’nt have imagine that ! 

Meals of the day in photos, well I took the same thing noon and evening as main meal. Already made with a rest of 2 days ago. 

I did also eat some nuts during the day and did drink about one liter of water (perhaps not enough)

Well… I do realize, thanks to the photos, that I drink a lot of cereals milk : morning was rice one, noon was soy one, and evening oat one ! πŸ™‚   Always with chicory today , the very good liquid one from Lutin.  

25/06/2017 :

Weight : 144.0 kgs.

Lost 1.9 kgs in 2 days. 


Ending second day of my Vegan Diet

I was working today and was tired when coming back home, late. I ate :

– a fruit jelly

– hot beverage made with soy milk and cykoria/coffee mix,

– piece of homemade bread,

– 1 glass of orange/lemon mix + 1 glass of grape juice,

– some pinches of nuts.

Not a very well balanced meal for sure…

There was obviously not enough vegetables in my meals today… I’ll try to improve tomorrow. But happy to succeed to not eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. 

Mood : rather good. Unexpectedly tired this morning, because of a bad quality sleep last night. I do hope it will get better soon.

2nd Vegan day : need improvements about the taste of my meals

Yesterday I did a quick bread with half whole wheat bio flour, I did eat a piece of it for my breakfast, then a hot beverage made with soy milk and cykoria-coffee mix, and a glass of fruit juice (mix of orange, lemon…) , then strawberries with kakao and Soy cream.

At Noon : the rest of yesterday were not enough exciting indeed so I took :

– hot beverage: oat milk with cykoria-coffee mix.

– 2 big glasses of fruit juice : orange/lemon one and grape one.

– piece of homemade bread.

– 1 banana,

– half a melon. 

It does not look like a noon meal … my rest of yesterday were not enough tasty. I will re-arrange them to make them more interesting !

24/06/2017 – 6 am

145,5 kilos

Lost 400 grams in one day.

Ending of my first Vegan day : quite happy ! :)

– Rice, 2 types seeds, onion, garlic, spices. (Too much garlic … so … not super tasty… )

– 1 glass of pure tomato juice.

– 1 jelly ! (Ok, not super healthy)

– 1 hot beverage : oat milk with Cykoria. πŸ™‚

Happy to have succeed this first day without big difficulties. 

Although that my Mood during the day was so-so, I do think that I will get used to my new diet quickly.

To be continued…

First Noon Vegan Style Meal

I think that’s rather ok for a first try :

– Half Melon as a starter : good taste.

– Main meal : carrots, celery, seeds, bit of onion, corn, round green beans, potatoes, and unfortunately too much garlic … so not that good …

– To drink : pure carrot juice (with ice) : as good as a carrot juice can be… well, not bad.

– Dessert : strawberries, soja cream and dried grapes : yummy ! πŸ™‚

Little extra : πŸ™‚

Excited about Trying Veganism

I do think about an episode of Modern Family. Cameron was on a diet (juicing I think) and Mitchell was complaining that Cam was again getting rid off ‘evil food’ throwing right into the carbage all the cookies and things like that they were
 having in their whole house… and that 2 weeks later they will buy again those ‘evil foods’ … I hope I’m not acting like Cameron ! πŸ™‚

This morning :

– oat milk with Inka (made from cereals),

– banana/apricots/blueberry just put together in pieces in a bowl,

– pure fruit juice (6 ones, mainly red ones)

It was delicious πŸ™‚

About my weight :

23/06/2017 : 145,9 kilos, never been under 140 kilos since the beginning of the year…

I have a rather active life with almost always more than 100.000 steps a week. My work is to help people at their home, so I’m visiting people all the day long. (Around 10 visits a day) I move a lot, but it’s rarely enough long effort in time to be that good for the heart.

I have got a Fitbit app which says my heart condition regarding my age is weak…

I’ll improve this ! πŸ™‚

(By the way yesterday I hope that I did my last crazy binge eating : I ate a 480 grams ice cream pot… and not only this… but it was the ‘masterpiece’ … crazy… but well, let’s think it’s the past now ! πŸ™‚